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Anonymous asked: Your illustration captions are PRICELESS haven't laughed this much in a long time

thanks anonymous

but i just scan the original pages. The 70s was a weird time.

Independence for Scotland - Why it’s like a pissed off old guitarist

So, in just over a week Scotland is going to vote on whether it becomes independent from the United Kingdom. In England people seem to be split between either wanting Scotland to stay in the union or not being bothered. Not so in Scotland, who are starting to look like they might actually vote to leave.

I look at it like this. The UK is like a slightly over the hill rock band, whose glory days are behind them but they are still making a living playing second string venues and living off old royalties. Scotland is the guitarist who has always resented the lead singer and his patronising, pretentious and arrogant ways. He also wonders if the lead singer Johnny England has been taking more than his fair share of the money a well as making the lions share of decisions.

The idea of leaving the band is very attractive now it finally seems possible. The idea of telling that preening bampot to stuff it and getting autonomy is one thing. But also, on some level, the idea of Scotland’s role in the band being finally recognised is part of it too.

Because Scotland knows deep down, that despite the optimism his solo album project won’t make anything like the same money as the slog of being in the band. But the promise of being his own man is such a heady idea he’s prepared to do it. And of course, it’ll piss off England.